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The Kingsdaughter Duology

Book One

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To the fae of the Sorcen Court, Princess Allina Kingsdaughter is a traitor and a fugitive, inevitably claimed by the same madness that cost her father his crown and his life. Ensnared by the lies of her uncle, the reigning Sorcen King, they will never know the truth of her betrayal.


A traitor princess.

After the tragic deaths of Allina’s parents when she was five, her uncle ascended to the throne in the ensuing chaos, bringing peace and prosperity to Sorcen for the following fourteen years. Allina has always considered him her true father—until the day he orders her death and starts a war by kidnapping Prince Cohrven Nightheart, heir to the Liral Court, a wicked realm Allina’s only heard of in whispers.

A captured prince.

Everyone fears the Nightheart. When he was twelve, he earned his name and his dark reputation as a monster without mercy—or remorse. Since then, rumours of his unrivalled cruelty have only grown.

An evil that has been waiting…

When Cohrven is tortured by her uncle in a gruesome spectacle, Allina uses her hidden illusory magic to save him and escape, but not before his wings are shredded. As her uncle hunts them, time is running short before Liral retaliates in a devastating attack that Cohrven assures will annihilate Sorcen and everyone Allina loves along with it. To survive and preserve the Court that has forsaken her, Allina has to trust the Nightheart, even when he leads her to an ancient evil that could be their destruction.

Book Two - In Progress

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